Career Development Tutorial

Career Development Tutorial

What do you understand by Career Development Planning?

Career Development has become an important aspect for individuals to succeed professionally. During recruitment it is the responsibility of the organization to balance the organizational requirements and the career or the needs of the individual.

The tutorial mainly covers the concept of career development planning, the advantages associated with this concept and the different strategies developed by the organizations for helping the career development planning process of the employees.

Who are the audience for learning the concept of Career Development Planning?

This tutorial is mainly targeted for the professionals who are more interested about their career and development. As this tutorial explains in detail about the importance of the development of career and how career goals are related to the learning process. This tutorial also provides insights on exploring new ideas for planning the career.

What are the prerequisites required for learning the concept of Career Development Planning?

Good knowledge and understanding of the concepts of social learning and online collaborative efforts is essential for learning the concept of Career Development. The tutorial helps the professionals in making decisions regarding the choice of the career path among the options available.

Career Development Tutorial: List of Topics

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