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One of the most effective ways to increase hiring success and avoid the job mismatch problem in your organization is through the use of a Job Benchmark and job match testing. The Rainmaker Group's Job Benchmarking process identifies the traits and qualities that an ideal candidate needs to be successful in a particular position. Our Job Benchmark will then serve as a standard to compare potential new hires against.

First: Let the Job Speak!

To get a true Job Benchmark, you must know what the job needs to be done well. The job must "communicate" or "talk". The first step is to determine the "Key Accountabilities" of the job.

  • Why does the job exist?
  • What knowledge is needed?
  • What couldn't be done without it?

The job benchmarking process begins by compiling a list of "key accountabilities" for the targeted job. The key accountabilities are the critical business goals and successes the job position is responsible for. Once defined these key accountabilities serve as the foundation for producing a TriMetrix Job Report.

The Trimetrix Job Matching Report is your job benchmark. It provides a guideline for the specific talents necessary for successful performance of the benchmarked job. The Job Report is based on a unique 37 factor analysis which identifies the job's talent requirements in three distinct talent.

Second: Assess The Talent

If you have ever conducted a job interview you may agree that one can never quite be sure what one will get. The candidate seemed great and said everything you wanted to hear so they are hired. Two months later the realization comes that the new hire is not performing as expected or as promised.

What is really needed is an unbiased insight into the candidate's values (what truly motivates them),Behaviours (how they will behave), and attributes (the attributes they can bring to the organization).

Now: Match the Talent to the Job!

Placing the Right Talent in the Right Job dramatically increases your likelihood of success. Our powerful job match testing strategy enables you to replace inherent biases (halo effect!) present during the employee selection process and ensure the success of the new hire and the organization as a whole.

What the Profile XT™ Measures

What the Profile XT™ Measures

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