Case Study: The Hutch Group - Business Management for Financial Advisers

GLEN AND LAUREL are partners in the Hutch Group, a firm whose strategic vision is to be known for serving business owners in transition. It’s a niche firm focused on a specific market. To create their human-capital plan, Glen and Laurel begin by evaluating the needs of their target market, then assessing what jobs and functions they require within the firm and the type of individuals they need to hire.

They set out to determine the nature of the work, the nature of the worker, and the nature of the workplace at the Hutch Group. They look first at the key characteristics and trends with respect to business owners in transition.


  • They have a high net worth but are not yet liquid.
  • Forty percent to 80 percent of their net worth is tied up in the business.
  • They have management-succession and ownership-succession issues.
  • They have estate-planning issues to address.
  • They may be on their second family.
  • They may not be emotionally ready to leave the business.

Future Trends

  • Changes in estate tax laws may affect their transition options.
  • Their industry may be going through consolidation or contraction.
  • Children are increasingly deciding not to go into their parents’ businesses.
  • A large percentage of business leaders are within five years of retirement.

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