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The most critical concept in the development of your human capital plan is ensuring its alignment with your business’s strategic plan. Your strategy is the confluence of choices that will allow you to

  • build on your current capabilities
  • position your firm against your competitors
  • respond to the external market
  • fulfill your personal definition of success

Human capital is firmly acknowledged as a strategic source of value creation for all types of organizations in today's knowledge-based economy. As is the case in many companies, human resources executives are expected to lead employee development, but most HR departments lack a strategic planning process for human capital, much less a consistent way to describe and measure it.

Dominance, or meaningful growth, typically implies the addition of staff and the development of a human-capital plan in line with that business strategy. Most advisors do not think of the team, just they prefer to work with clients. But those who build their team have to give the same attention to staff as they give it to their clients.

This is how they truly discover the power of organizational leverage—creating a business that draws on more than just their own personal time and resources.

The human-capital plan is as important as strategic plan and it needs to be aligned with the strategy. Once your strategy is developed, envision what this will mean for the business five years hence:

  • How many clients do you hope to serve and in what form?
  • How many clients can be served by an individual adviser or by a team of advisers?
  • What type of administrative and technological support will be required to make the advisers effective in their roles?
  • What will be the job descriptions for each of these positions?
  • What will optimum performance look like for each job?

If your project focuses on niche, the first task is to identify characteristics of the client and attempt to project the issues that will affect clients during the next five years.

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