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What are Grooming Etiquettes?

Grooming is the key in everyone life especially in an organization. Business dress code is often a common sense question prevailing upon deciding what to wear to the work place. Even still, the dressing disasters continue, mainly during the summers when you might figure out a colleague dressed up to work like a "day at the beach" hangover.

The reason behind this is the start-ups and small to medium-scale businesses have fragile norms to almost no norms on dress code. This is leading to eyebrow-raising errors in dress codes. Even if there are certain dress code rules, they turn out to be unclear and ambiguous. In such situations, avoid dressing up informally to raise a few eyebrows.

`Grooming Etiquettes

Some of the generic errors people make in business dressing are −
  • Ill-Fitting Clothes – Clothes that are too big give you a bloated look and too tight fitting clothes highlight the body in a unusual way. During a meeting or presentation, you would not like the attention to shift from you towards your clothes.
  • Wearing Short Skirts/Sleeves – Wearing such dress will draw attention to your legs and hands when you sit down which diverts the listeners attention and looks unprofessional.
  • Wearing Short Socks – People feel comfortable wearing them but in reality they expose part of your skin and distract attention while crossing legs or sitting down. Make sure you wear socks that cover 3/4th of the ankle to the knee distance. Better to avoid white socks as they immediately draw focus towards them.
  • Low-Cut or Plunging Tops – Similar to short skirts, this also shifts the focus of an interviewer and looks out of place in a professional environment.
  • Improper Color Choices – Be professional with choosing dress colors such as green, yellow, red etc do not go down well in corporate world.
  • Clothes with Quotes, Pictures or Designs – They look informal and non-serious look to the interviewee. There is always a risk of people associating the slogans and mottos on the t-shirts to be your personal points of view.
  • Poorly-Maintained Shoes – Very important part of your business attire is shoes. Before you meet someone, your shoes intimate your arrival so naturally, it draws a lot of attention. Make sure your shoes are always clean and polished well.
  • Not Dressing Formally For Business Social Events – Having dinner at boss house is considered as formal business occasion and need to be dressed accordingly. General rule is that informal business dressing should be treated as formal clothing.
  • Improper Grooming – Some of the red-checks to note are unclipped nails, odorous breath and unkempt hair. Use deodorants if you perspire profusely. Also the meetings will be held in air-conditioned rooms having very less chance of fresh air entering the room, wear a deodorant or perfume of a mild fragrance.

Additionally, there are a few areas that needed to keep in mind and take care before entering the premises and knocking on the door. They are -

Final Tips for Grooming

  • Avoid using squeaky and noisy shoes that will distract everyone.
  • Avoid keeping mobile phones, wallets etc in your trouser side-pockets that gives a bulky look to your legs.
  • All noticeable tattoos, body-piercing should be hidden, as tattoos are since long, associated with rebellious behavior.
  • Always use breath fresheners and do not smoke or eat odorous food before interview.
  • Have you nails clean and teeth properly.

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