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What is First Impression Worksheet Ⅱ?

Let us play a game involving guess. You are given two pictures of two different people. You are given a task to guess the following details about them on having first impression they made on you. No need to think a lot before giving your answers. The whole concept behind this to capture the way you interpret them by their looks.


First Impression Worksheet2First Impression Worksheet2
Irrespective of your pre-conceived opinions you might be having about both of them, Richard loves to drive his Ford car to his bistro every morning and loves to be with customers while he cooks piping-hot pizzas and pies for them.

In evening after closing the shop, he hums “I walk the line” by Johnny Cash all the way while driving back. No prizes for anyone for guessing his hobby.

If I say you that the man in the above picture is Richard, how many of you are going to agree with me?

Will anyone expect that?

Did you notice how crucial the looks are and in creating the first impression? A person who does not know anything about you and your qualities judge you based on the way you look.

Organizational Behavior varies from company to company but surprisingly many people within a company vary significantly. Etiquettes will also vary from person to person depending on them.

Simple example for this is the body language, right selection of words, correctness of speech and clarity in presentation will change when you talk to your boss or supervisor and different when to a colleague who is of the same level as you.

When you are interacting with your friend, you will feel relaxed. Likewise, you may wish to skip few steps in decorum when your friend invites you to your place. Let say your boss invites you for dinner then your etiquettes will be different.

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