The Internal Environment Introduction - Business Environment

Scholars of organisation and management living have beengiving considerable attention to the internal features of business organisations, and a large number of texts have been devoted to this aspect of business studies. Here in this section, the aim is to focus on three areas of the internal organization that relate directly to a study of the business environment. They are

  • approaches to understanding organisations,
  • organization structures
  • key functions within the enterprise.

A central theme running through any analysis of the internal environment is the idea of ‘management’, which has been subjected to a wide variety of definitions. As used in this context, management is seen both as a system of roles fulfilled by individuals who manage the organisation (e.g. entrepreneur, resource manager, co-ordinator, leader, motivator, organiser) and as a process which enables an organisation to achieve its objectives. The essential point is that management should be seen as a function of organizations, rather than as a controlling element, and its task is to enable the organization to identify and achieve its objectives and to adapt to change. Managers need to integrate the various influences on the organisation including people, technology, systems and the environment in a manner best designed to meet the needs of the enterprise at the time in question and be prepared to institute change as and when circumstances dictate.

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