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What is the Dress Code For Men?

In the world of Dress Code, "formal attire" and "semi-formal attire" phrases are widely misunderstood. We generally think of expensive suits, silken ties and coats when anyone mentions "formal attire" to us. Everyone will come to a point that it is strict and excessive even though certain occasions need this dressing style.

Moreover, semi-formal attire is a loosely defined term. Number of clothes that are used for everyday to workplace, party, meetings etc. comes into this.Hence, in short, it is occasion/events specific dress.

Further, there are precise rules for men than women and lot of scope to experiment. Let us see the Do’s and Don’ts in this area -


Usually working professionals choose shirts with solid colors, means one color throughout the cloth. Below image gives examples of them -

Solid Colors

Avoid taking shirts of same color with different shades of it. For example, if your favorite color is blue then do not prefer different shades of blue. Instead, choose shirts with different colors. Some of the colors to choose shirts for men - Dark Brown, Fawn, and White,Charcoal Grey, Dark Blue.

Different Colors

Solid Pastel Colors are Allowed

Above colors in color-montage are called pastel colors. Once pastel colors get darker shade, they are won’t look formal and not suggested for formal attire.

 Pastel Colors

Vertical Pin-stripes are Allowed

To give some variety to the solid uniform colors, shirts with vertical pin-stripes can be worn.

Vertical Pin-Stripes

Full-sleeves Only

By wearing full sleeves shirts, you will get the professional look, it hides hairy forearms if any and prevents you from forming sweat-patches due to resting your arms on the interviewer’s desk.


Appropriate Fit

By wearing very tight clothes, it highlights your outline and treated as unprofessional look. On the other hand, wearing loose clothes will give you bloated look, uninterested look. By wearing fit clothes, it your body gets a sharp look and everyone gets impressed.

Appropriate Fit


Using very light-colored trousers take the attention off from shirt. For example, wearing white or peach color trouser in an interview or in any meetings or conference, the listeners or interviewers might get distracted towards the trousers which obstruct eye-contact too. Black, and Dark Grey, Dark Blue, Dark Brown are considered the colors for trousers.


Trousers shouldn't Bunch up at the Ankles

Trousers that fall down from the ankles are a nuisance and collect dirt and dust which makes the trouser dirtier. Marine Corps uniforms are similar to the trousers that are bunched at ankles.

 Bunching of Trousers

What to Avoid?

The "formal clothes" definition has been redefined considerably. There is a much more relaxed and informal business attire in yesteryears.The way you choose to dress will get judgment by people on your attitude at work, co-workers, clients , workplace etc.

The dress codes differs from company to company where many start-ups and software companies do not restrict their employees by setting rules on attire. Simultaneously, we can see some big companies that list out certain ways to follow to carry oneself in office.

Below is the checklist of what to avoid in office -

Checks, Patterns, or Bold Stripes

It looks distracting for shirts with checks, patterns and bold stripes and is discouraged. In some countries, the checks and stripes hold special meaning. Better to avoid such shirts so that the interviewer might think that you are inclined to any specific party.

 Checks, Patterns, Bold and Stripes

Half-sleeves or Short-sleeves

They expose hairy forearms and also outline your muscle shape. While interview, the sweat patches if any on the interviewer's desk will irk you and interviewer and create prblem.


Same Color Trousers as of the Shirt

Wearing trousers and shirt of same color gives the look of military uniform. Avoid using them for an interview and use light-colored shorts with dark trousers.

Same Color Trousers

Prints or Stripes on Trousers

Wearing trousers with pin-stripes distracts others as it can be imagined as incomplete when worn with a solid-colored shirt not having pin-stripes. If both the shirt and trousers is pin-stripe, then others will leave an feeling of flow of lines running down from the collar of the shirt till the ankles. They should be avoided.

Stripes on Trousers

Tapering Trousers

Tapering trousers are similar to trousers that bunch at the ankles. They prevent crossing of legs and restrict the movement. Your body looks triangular with tapering trousers.

Tapering Trousers

Jeans or Denims

Denims or Jeans have non-uniform color and has dark shades at some places and fades at some places, they seem unprofessional. On top of it, Jeans material is heavy and might even cause sweating during waiting.


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