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What is Business Acumen for HRS?

HRs duty is to draft company policies, designing the rules and regulations for employees and recruit the staff needed for the company. Of late, HRs are taking part in the way the business is run to understand how work is done and what workforce is needed for that.

Earlier HRs was just changing the letterheads and the names of the companies from their set of policies and regulations which are predefined. Currently, they are drafting the fresh set of policies depending on the company working style and sometimes even individual departments.


There are cases when different set of policies were drafted for specific employees with different working preferences by HRs. By adopting Equal Opportunity Provider movement, HRs should be proactive and design specific sets of rules and working processes for talented employees who are also differently-abled.

By learning Business Acumen, HRs will start thinking of the way their recruitments are going to impact the company performance as a whole. Concepts like fraud minimization, cash management, strategic decisions, and understanding potential competition are exposed to HRs.

Many HRs are not educated on seeing the big picture unlike those at Southwest Airlines. They won’t have a clear idea on the link between their actions and the long-term effects of these actions. When the differences in actions and their end-results are multiplied by thousands of employees, it proves a major problem for the company.

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