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What are Bigzilla intallation prerequisites?

To Install and run Bugzilla on the server, the center prerequisite is to have Perl Installed. This implies Bugzilla can be installed on any step, where Perl can be Installed; including Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.

Hardware Requirements

  • It is prescribed to have a 4 GB RAM or more.
  • Ought to have a Fast Processor, for example, in any event 3GHz or more.
  • The hard circle space relies upon the measure of the group and the quantity of deformities. A 50GB hard circle memory is a sufficiently very.

Software Requirements

Bugzilla requires a database server, a web server and Perl. In every one of the cases, (the more up to date, the better) the more current discharges have more bug fixes, however they are as yet bolstered regardless they get security settles now and again.

  • Perl − Bugzilla 4.4 and more established requires Perl 5.8.1 or more current, yet Bugzilla 5.0 and more current will require Perl 5.10.1 or fresher. It isn't suggest introducing Perl 5.8.x at this step. Rather, Install Perl 5.12 or more up to date, as these more up to date forms have some valuable upgrades, which will give better user encounter.
  • Database Server − Bugzilla bolsters MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle and SQLite. MySQL and PostgreSQL are profoundly suggested, as they have the best help from Bugzilla and are utilized day by day by the Bugzilla engineers. Prophet has a few known issues and is a second class resident. It should work sufficiently much of the time, yet may bomb hopelessly now and again as well. SQLite is suggested for testing purposes just for little groups. On the off chance that MySQL is utilized, form 5.0.15 is required by Bugzilla 4.x, yet exceptionally suggested adaptation 5.5 or more up to date. For PostgreSQL installation, form 8.3 is required.
  • Web Server − Bugzilla has no base requirements for its web server. It is prescribed to Install Apache 2.2, in spite of the fact that Bugzilla works fine with IIS as well (IIS 7 or higher suggested). To enhance exhibitions in Apache, prescribe to empower its mod_perl module.

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