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What are email preferences?

The Email Preferences feature in Bugzilla permits to empower or handicap email warnings on particular occasions. When all is said in done, the users have relatively entire power over what number of emails Bugzilla sends them. In the event that the users need to get the most extreme number of emails conceivable, tap on the Enable All Mailbutton. On the off chance that the client does not have any desire to get any email from Bugzilla whatsoever, tap on the Disable All Mail catch.

To explore, go to Preferences/User Preferences alternative on the home screen and tap on the Email Preferences tab.


Global and Specific Options

There are two Global Options; where the client can check the checkboxes dependent on their necessity to get emails. These options are −

  • Email me when somebody requests that I set a banner and
  • Email me when somebody sets a banner I requested.

These characterize how a client needs to get the bug emails concerning the banners. Their utilization is very direct: empower the checkboxes, if the client needs Bugzilla to send a mail under both of the above conditions.

Thus, a client can check the checkboxes for Field/beneficiary particular options dependent on "I need to get mail when"

checkboxes (1)

User Watching Feature

Bugzilla has a feature called as User Watching. At the point when the client enters at least one comma outlined other client accounts (for the most part email addresses) into the content passage box, the client will get a duplicate of all the bug emails those different users are sent. This incredible usefulness is critical and valuable on the off chance that if the designers change activities or users go on an occasion.

user_watching (1)

Ignore Bugs Feature

Client can specify a rundown of bugs from those never needs to get any email warning of any sort. For this, client needs to include Bug ID(s) as a comma-isolated rundown. Client can expel a bug from the current disregarded rundown whenever and it will re-empower email warnings for the bug. After determinations are made, tap on the Submit Changes catch at the base left hand side of the page.


A successful message will show as "The changes to your email inclinations have been spared" as appeared in the screen capture underneath.


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