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What isBugzilla Bug Lists?

A bug list is a collection of searched bugs dependent on the user input. A Bug list is nothing other than sifted bugs dependent on various conditions in a Standard Search or an Advanced Search.

We can configure the format of the list For example, click on the column headings to filter them. Following are important features those can be accessed using the links at the bottom of the list, which are −

  • Long Format
  • XML (icon)
  • CSV (icon)
  • Feed (icon)
  • iCalendar (icon)
  • Change Columns
  • Change Several Bugs At Once
  • Send Mail to Bug Assignees
  • Edit Search
  • Remember Search as

All of these features have been explained in detail below.


Long Format

Click on the Long Format button, it supports the large page with a non-editable summary of the fields of each bug.


XML (icon)

Click on XML (icon), it changes the displayed bug list in table format in to XML format.


CSV (icon)

It changes the bug list as comma-separated values, that means it can be imported into a spreadsheet or an excel sheet.

Feed (symbol)



Feed (icon)

It shows the bug list as an Atom Feed. The user can Copy this connection into their most loved feed per user. To constrain the quantity of bugs in the feed, add a limit=n parameter to the URL.


On the off chance that the user is utilizing Firefox, get an alternative as spare the rundown as a live bookmark by clicking the live bookmark symbol in the status bar as appeared in the screen capture underneath.


To restrain the quantity of bugs in the feed, add a limit=n parameter to the URL.


Just the main bug is shown as a Feed.


iCalendar (symbol)

It shows the bug list as an iCalendar record. Each bug is spoken to as a to– do thing in the transported in schedule. It is bolstered in Outlook as it were. The user can get to this element just if Outlook is arranged in the framework.

Change Columns

It changes the bug traits that show up in the rundown. The user can customize the perspective of a Bug List utilizing this choice. By clicking on the Change Columns catch, the accompanying page shows the user determination.


The User can choose one or various columns from the Available Columns section. These should show in the bug list. At that point click on → (right bolt) to demonstrate this determination in the Selected Columns section.


Essentially, the user can deselect any of the columns from the chosen columns and click on the ← (left bolt).


The user can change the showing up request of the columns also by clicking on climb and down bolt at the correct hand side of the Selected Columns section.


By clicking on the Change Columns catch, the bug rundown will be customized. Else, if the user clicks on the Reset to Bugzilla Default, it will change back to the Default settings.



Change Several Bugs at once

In the event that a record is adequately enabled and in excess of one bug shows up in the bug list, Change Several Bugs At Once is shown and effectively rolls out a similar improvement to every one of the bugs in the rundown – for instance, changing their Priority.


Send Mail to Bug Assignees

On the off chance that in excess of one bug shows up in the bug list and there are somewhere around two diverse bug chosen ones, this connection is shown. By clicking on this connection, Outlook opens, in the event that it is arranged or it requests to design the Outlook to send a mail to the chosen ones of all bugs on the rundown.

Edit Search

In the event that the user did not get the correct outcomes he were searching for, the user can come back to the Search page through this connection and make little amendments to the search parameters to get exact outcomes.

Remember Search As

The user can give the Search, a name and remember it; a connection will show up in the page footer giving fast access to run it again later.

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