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What is Bugzilla Advance Search?

The Advanced Search page shows a rundown of the considerable number of bugs, which are sifted precisely with various criteria that have been stacked by the users.

This Advanced Search highlight chooses distinctive conceivable qualities for the majority of the fields in a bug. For a few fields, different qualities can be chosen. In these cases, Bugzilla returns bugs where the substance of the field matches with any of the chosen esteems. On the off chance that none is chosen, at that point the field can take any of qualities. Different qualities choice for one field depends on the "OR" usefulness. On the off chance that it is possible that one or some other esteem is coordinated among the user determination, the bug will be shown.

Using Advance Search

For utilizing the advanced search include in Bugzilla, we need to pursue the steps given beneath.

Step 1 − Click on the Search hyperlink on the header of the homepage. You will get two tabs, Simple Search and Advanced Search, click on the Advanced Search tab.


Step 2 − Select the required alternative from the Summary field. At that point, you can enter the catchphrase to recognize or sift through the bugs.


Step 3 − The subsequent stage is to choose the classification of Bug from the Classification box; here, we have chosen Widget. At that point, pick the Product under which the Bug is made; here, we have chosen Sam's Widget. In the Component box, we have chosen Widget Gears. In the Status box, click on Confirmed and in the Resolution box pick Fixed, these are appeared in the accompanying screen capture.

Note − All these fields are discretionary and subject to the user's decision.


Step 4 − Click on the Search Button in the wake of entering every one of the fields dependent on the prerequisite of the channel.

users_choice (1)

Step 5 − Advance Search will recognize the bug and the outcome will be as per the following −


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