BTS Interview Questions & Answers

BTS Interview Questions

The Base Transceiver Station (BTS) is a word used to represent a base station in GSM terms. A BTS comprises of an antenna and the radio tools needed to lead into by radio with a Mobile Station (MS). Each BTS covers a definite area, known as a cell. If you are interested in joining the BTS then looking for the BTS Interview Question and Answers we in Wisdomjobs has provided you with the complete details regarding the BTS jobs. If you are good at the BTS concepts then there are many leading companies that offer job roles like BTS Engineer, Telecom Engineer, Junior Telecom Engineer, RF engineer along with these there are many other roles too. For more details on the BTS feel free to visit our site.

BTS Interview Questions And Answers

BTS Interview Questions
    1. Question 1. Difference Between Rri And Fiu In Nokia Bts ?

      Answer :

      FIU and RRI both are connect to ODU of microwave antenna. The difference is RRI is used in ultra BTS where as FIU is used in Flexi BTS.

    2. Question 2. What Is Difference Between 7mm Mag And 7mm Ultra Mag ?

      Answer :

      Basically the case is all. Same caliber bullet, but the case is shorter in the ultra mag. Its basically just a smaller round, bigger punch.

    3. Question 3. What Is The Difference Between Ultra Chi And Chi ?

      Answer :

      Nothing! the only thing is that the ultra chi comes in various colors and the chi is in black. also, the regular chi is the first one to come out so its less advanced than the ultra and the ultra comes with tourmaline plates which is less damaging to your hair aswell.

    4. Question 4. Different Types Of Bts Towers In Bts ?

      Answer :

      Majorly the following are the different types of BTS towers.

      1. GBT - ground based tower

      2. RTT - Roof Top Tower

      3. RTP - Roof Top Pole

      4. COW - Cell On Wheels

      5. IBS - In Built Solution

    5. Question 5. What Is The Difference Between A Desktop Pc And A Ultra Mobile Pc ?

      Answer :

      Desktop PC is Fixed Location but can be moved but Ultra Moble ismade to be taken to Lan Parties for use in Network games withfriends.. can also be a Notebook and or laptop PC and now can be aPad based unit.

    6. Question 6. What Is Difference Between Ultra Bts And Flexi Bts ?

      Answer :

      Ultra BTS can support max. of 12 TRx (trancievers), while Flexi can support max. of 24 TRx. Ultrea has drawback that it has all Pin connections on back side, if any of the Pin of a particular slot is damaged then that slot is useless, while in flexi all connections are on front side so it is easy to install every equipment. As an operator wants to cover maximum area he will use flexi. you can say ultra a bts of old times. so, it is the difference my dear. however, one TRx card supports 8 time slots i.e. max of 8 users, but not practically. It will support max. of 7 callers. Capacity in terms of users can be increased using Half rate, i.e. A TRx will support approximately 14-15 users at half rate transmission, half rate is used during bysy hours, i.e. on one time slot 2 user will send their data/speech, with a half rate of 5.6 kbps, but at half rate voice quality is not very good. Simply one time slot will be assigned to two users in Half rate. So both of them(Ultra & Flexi) support equal no. of users if having equal no. of TRx.

    7. Question 7. What Is The Difference Between Bsc And Bts ?

      Answer :

      All radio-related functions are performed in BBS the base station controllers (BSCs) and the base transceiver station (BTSs). BASE STATION CONTROLLER (BSC): The BSC provides all the control functions and physical links between the MSC and BTS. It is a high-capacity switch that provides functions such as handover, cell configuration data, and control of radio frequency (RF) power levels in the base transceiver stations. A number of BSCs are served by an MSC. BASE TRANSCEIVER STATION (BTS): The BTS handles the radio interface to the mobile station, the BTS is the radio equipment (transceivers and antennas) needed to service each cell in the network. A group of BTSs are controlled by a BSC.

    8. Question 8. What Is The Difference Between Ultra Violet Alpha And Ultra Violet Beta Rays ?

      Answer :

      Ultraviolet is low energy light. Alpha particles are helium nucleii ejected from the nucleus of a heavy element during radioactive decay. Beta particles are electrons (or positrons) ejected from the nucleus of an element during radioactive decay. There is no such thing as "ultra violet alpha and ultra violet beta" rays.

    9. Question 9. What Is The Difference Between A Buick Park Avenue And A Park Avenue Ultra ?

      Answer :

      Ultra is supercharged.. the supercharged edition has more 'umph' when you punch it but it costs more and is is very expensive to service these units. Also, they should use premium fuel.. My Mom has a n Ultra and I have a regular one. They feel the same to me when driving normally and I like the gas mileage mine gets (35 on the highway when driving less than 60 MPH).

    10. Question 10. What Is A Bts ?

      Answer :

      BTS stands for : Base Transceiver Station. It is situated near the user end at the mobile telecommunication towers.

    11. Question 11. What Is The Basic Difference Bw Nokia Ultra And Flexi Bts ?

      Answer :

      The basic difference between nokia ultra&flexibts is that ultra can support only12 trx but flexi bts can support 24 trx.

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