What You Need to Know Before You Can Begin - BLACKBERRY

To be able to follow along, you should have previous programming experience in a modern object-oriented language. This book is not an introduction to object-oriented programming, or even to the Java language. There are many excellent resources and tutorials available on the internet. BlackBerry applications are written in Java Micro Edition (Java ME) formerly called J2ME. This is a subset of Java Standard Edition (Java SE) that most Java developers

work with. If you’re familiar with Java SE or Java Enterprise Edition (Java EE), Java ME will be very easy to pick up. If you’re familiar with another object-oriented language – especially one with a similar syntax like C#, C++ or even Objective-C – you should similarly have no problem picking things up. C# developers in particular should be able to understand Java ME code with

little or no effort. One of the nice things about Java ME and the BlackBerry from the perspective of a beginner is that the API is small compared to desktop or server programming environments – you can learn a great deal of it fairly quickly. Of course, this is a double-edged sword; there will be times you wish the API provided some functionality that bigger environments do, though the BlackBerry API is getting more functionality all the time.

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