The UI Fun Application BLACKBERRY

We want an application that will show off what the BlackBerry UI can do. We’ll build just such an application over the course of this, but having the end goal in mind before we start will be helpful.To show off a few of the available controls, and have something with some amount of interactivity, we’ll construct a simple login screen. When we’re done, the main screen of our application will look like the.

Our goal application for this chapter

Our goal application for this chapter

There’s a plain-text field for the username, a hidden-text password field, a drop-down list that lets the user choose a domain,a check box to ask the application to remember the password, and a couple of buttons that will log in the user and clear the text fields. For good measure, we’ve thrown in an image at the top of the screen, and we’ll add a couple of menu items too. For this application, there will be no networking; clicking Login will display a simple screen that lets us know that the button has been pressed and shows the credentials the user has entered.

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