The BlackBerry service book is a configuration storage system that the device uses to maintain information about various aspects of its configuration. The service book contains records that govern everything from optional applications that are installed or visible to email account configuration. The service book records are also used to maintain information about the different connection methods available to a given device. You can see the service book on a BlackBerry device (or the BlackBerry simulator) by opening device Options and then clicking Advanced Options and Service Book

Some typical service book records on a BlackBerry device

Some typical service book records on a BlackBerry device

Each record contains two identifiers, a CID and a UID. The UID uniquely identifies the record on the device, and the CID gives information about what type of record it is. For example, on a device with more than an associated email address, there are many service records with a CID of CMIME, but each will have a different UID. The service book is important for networked applications because most of the connection methods have an associated record, and this can be a quick way to check to see if your device has been provisioned correctly for a given connection type.

The one exception is direct TCP/IP, which doesn’t have an associated service record. Configuration information for direct TCP/IP connections is specified in the TCP/IP options screen as discussed previously. There are many different types of service book records. It can be interesting to look through them and see what’s available; you shouldn’t try to change or delete anything unless you know what you’re doing. For the purposes of this chapter, we’ll explore only the specific service records that we need.

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