MobiHand sells applications for most mobile devices, including BlackBerry. It also operates branded application stores for many other leading BlackBerry-related sites All of this means that MobiHand has a large audience and can help get your application noticed by more users.

MobiHand also produces an on-device app store client, called App Store for BlackBerry, which operates in a similar way to BlackBerry App World—though it’s not quite as elegant.It allows users to search and browse applications, descriptions, and reviews and ratings,and it opens the mobile version of the MobiHand (or affiliate) web site for download and purchase of the application through the BlackBerry browser.

Signing Up for a MobiHand Account

You can sign up for a MobiHand account. You’ll need much the same information as for an App World account, including your company’s name, address, and other relevant information. A MobiHand developer account is free, and you should be approved within about 24 hours. MobiHand sells applications for devices other than BlackBerry, so if yo plan to sell for other platforms, indicate that in your submission.

Submitting and Managing Applications

The developer portal for MobiHand and all its associated stores is located When your account is activated, log into the portal, and select Products BlackBerry from the navigation bar to go to a list of your BlackBerry products.

The MobiHand developer portal showing BlackBerry applications

The MobiHand developer portal showing BlackBerry applications

Rather than walk through a whole application submission, we’ll just discuss the options you have.

Product Types

There are three general types of product listings:

  • Standard: Just a normal application listing.
  • Master: A listing containing only pricing and application description information but no application—this is the method to handle applications with different builds for different device and OS versions. Master products are never directly listed on MobiHand.
  • Slave: A listing containing information specific to a build of an application. The application must be associated with a master, so you need to create the master beforehand. These are listed on MobiHand with a name that’s a combination of the master name and the slave differentiator.If your master is named My Applicaton, specify your slave differentiator as something like “for Storm” to have the product listing “My Application for Storm” listed on MobiHand.


You can set any price you want for your application. Leave the price field blank for free applications. Prices are specified in USD and automatically converted to the other supported currencies, but you can override these conversion amounts. You can also set a promotional price, with an expiry date, to enable you to have limited time sales on your applications.

Product Features

MobiHand will automatically determine which devices your application supports based on what you choose (you can manually change supported devices later). Even if you plan to manually change things later, it’s a good idea to be as accurate as possible here so that when new devices are added they’ll be handled correctly with minimal intervention on your part.


MobiHand supports several registration models, including free, paid, and a number of licensing models.

Additional Selling and Pricing Features

MobiHand provides some powerful tools to help support different sales strategies, including bundling applications together for one price, cross-selling (discounting later application purchases if a customer has purchased one application), and coupons.

Other Sites

Two other sites that you may want to look at as additional places to distribute and sell your applications are Handango and Handmark Both—like MobiHand—sell software for a range of mobile devices, not just BlackBerry, and both may help you get your application into the hands of more users.

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