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What is Billiards?

Billiards is a prompt game that has its causes in UK. It is played on a board with six pockets. The balls are cannoned into the pockets with a prompt stick.

Billiards was presented as a game in eighteenth century. It was famous in some European nations particularly, France, that conveyed first changes to the game by including a red ball. This was soon embraced in United Kingdom as well. By end of nineteenth century, English Billiards Association was framed. Afterward, Billiards Association and Control Council were sorted out by mid-twentieth century.

John Roberts, Sr. was the main champion known to open and he ruled for about two decades.



All the red balls are organized in an arrangement. It is broken with a stroke utilizing cue stick. The players gun the balls into the pockets. The player who takes debase at last and finishes with most elevated score is announced champ. The game is played as a group and people.

Team Size

Billiards is an indoor game played on a board. As an expert game, Billiards is either played exclusively or by a group of two; speaking to a country. Something else, the game is played by more than two of every a group for entertainment only in clubs.

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