Backbone.js Tutorial

Backbone.js Tutorial

What is BackboneJS Tutorial?

BackboneJS is a mild weight JavaScript library that we could to develop and shape client side applications that run in an internet browser. It gives MVC framework which abstracts information into models, DOM (file object model) into views and binds that use of events. This educational covers most of the topics required for a simple know-how of BackboneJS and to get a feel of how it really works.


This lesson is intended for software programmers who need to learn the fundamentals of BackboneJS and its programming ideas in humble and easy ways. This lesson will give you sufficient kind on numerous mechanisms of BackboneJS with appropriate instances.


Previously proceeding with this lesson, you must have a simple understanding of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Document Object Model (DOM). As we are successful to develop web-based applications using BackboneJS, it will be decent if you have a sympathetic of how web-based applications work in general.

Backbone.js Tutorial: List of Topics

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