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What are the different types of software used in aviation management?

Changes are inevitable in Aviation management. Changes do happen with respect to manpower, resources, and even aircrafts. Many players play together for the success of the aviation industry. And Information Technology plays an important role for the success of the aviation industry. Different software is being used by the aviation employees. Some of the software used is as follows -

  • Aircraft Maintenance Software – All the floor activities that are related to maintenance are traced by this software.
  • Fuel Management Software - Fuel procurement is being optimized and the fluctuations in the prices of the fuels are taken care.
  • Network and Route Performance Management Software - All the air routes are being anticipated and quick decision-making is being enabled.
  • Catering Procurement Software – This software takes care of the complete procurement procedure.
  • Catering Production Software - This software concentrates in minimizing the waste and maximising the customer satisfaction.
  • Flight Information Display System (FIDS) – This software is used for displaying the status of the flights to the customers who are at any corner of the airport, using Internet.
  • Departure Control System (DCS) - This software work in accordance with the reservation system and hence the check-in details of the travellers are tracked and software also helps in issuing boarding passes.

Apart from these, some of the other mobile apps are also being used for checking the timings of the flights, booking tickets, check-ins etc. Therefore it can be said that Information Technology has an important role to play in the smooth functioning of the aviation operations.

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