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What is Aviation Disaster Management?

In cases of occurrences’ of some of the unforeseen incidents like accidents or any other incidents, it causes huge losses to the stakeholders, property, environment and organization as a whole. At these situations, it is the responsibility of the disaster management team to act and respond the situations.

Critical Situation

The disaster management team has to first collect and research about all the facts and complete details. Till that point, all the investigation reports tend to be vague. In order to handle the situations correct report has to be prepared by the disaster management team at the earliest. If these situations are not handles immediately, then the organization will be considered as being irresponsible.

Once appropriate actions are being taken up and the situations seem to be normal, the disaster management team has to try hard for restoring the image of the organization and the loss incurred. By this process, the public perception has to be refined, reputation has to be built, and the loss of property has to be recovered.

How to Investigate the Accidents?

There are chances of occurrence of accidents and incidents in the airport and during the aircraft transit. There are many reasons behind these accidents such as incursion or the excursion of the runway, bad weather conditions, lack of communication, absence of a proper functional system etc.


Investigations at the site have to be conducted in line with the international standards and the required essential information has to be collected from the site. The main intention behind the investigations is to identify and main reason behind the occurrence of such incidents and accordingly take appropriate measures and steps to avoid the occurrence of the same next time.

All the statistics related to the accidents related to the aviation industry are maintained by an organization at Geneva called as Aircraft Crashes Record Office (ACRO). The organization that mainly focuses on the prevention of accidents is International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). Apart from these many institutions throughout the world are into investigating the accidents related to aviation.

With respect to India, the organization that investigates the incidents was the Directorate General of Civil Aviation. This was operating till May 2012. Later on the responsibilities were assigned to Aircraft Accident Investigation Bureau (AAIB). All the required evidence from the sites of the accidents is being collected by National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) in most of the US countries. This organization tries to investigate the causes in other countries by collaborating with the local respective investigation organizations and agencies.

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