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Explain Assertion and Aggression?

Quite often people tend to do mistake and considerate assertiveness as aggression, but there are remarkable differences between the two.

Being Assertive vs. Being Aggressive

A person who is assertive is capable of expressing your thoughts and opinions, and handling to seek constructive feedback from others. Handling criticism and opposing views can be known by you. When a decision is taken by you as an assertive person, then it results in a negotiation where the other two parties interest are honoured.

Being aggressive means you take your rights and vehemently express your needs by humiliating, forcing, insulting and destructing others. You might be motivating others, but it is for your selfishness in order to pursue your own ambitions without taking others’ thoughts and opinions into consideration. It involves arrogant, violent, and dominating behavior.


It is very interesting to know that people possessing both the behaviours are extremely competitive and goal-oriented. However, an assertive person would like to lead the team forwarding the team along with him, whereas the aggressive person would pressurize, force and exhaust, even going to extremes on other people to reach his goal. As a result, assertive people accept everyone’s participation in celebrating success, as they can see their own success in him. On the other side, an aggressive person celebrates his success alone without accompanying anyone.

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