Using a Web Portal ASP.NET

With a web portal,every visitor to your web site will be able to customize and set it up exactly the way they would like to see it the next time they visit. Best of all, the lay out is saved per user,so your master layout remains un changed.More over, visitors can add more widgets from a wid get cata log and decorate the page as they like.

How an Ajax-Powered Start Page Is Different

The advantages of Ajax and a rich client-side experience give users a fun and exciting environment to do their regular work.All the functionality is developed as small widgets that perform only a specific job,like showing messages from an Exchange Mail server,assigning tasks from a SharePoint List,or even displaying your expenses from an internal accounting system.

Just as with a regular web portal, enterpriseusers can drag the widgets around and put them anywhere they like.For example,an email inbox can be put on the left, expenses in the middle, and a list of “Phone calls to make” on the right.A key advantage is that these widgets can provide content from different web servers on different platforms, including Linux, Unix,or IBM OS/2 servers.

As long as the plat form speaks XML and HTTP, any functionality can be provided in the form of a wid get.The main frame work takes care of authen- tication, authorization, user profile,communication, and all those cool Ajax effects. As a result, the wid gets are a light weight component with a small amount of code to do exactly what they are supposed to.

An Ajax web portal is also quite useful for group portals or social web sites.For example,say you want to make a.NET developer group portal.You would start with a blank page,add lots of.NET feeds,put a link widget and fill it with useful.

NET web site links,add an address book widget and fill in useful contacts, put in a calendar widget to publish events for the group,and so on. With just these basic widgets and some rearranging, you have a dynamic,personalizable developer group portal that is state of the art in both technology and usability.

Enterprise portals especially can benefit from using Ajax web portals.Enterprise portals bring in content from many sources and different platforms.By using an Ajax widget platform,you can make the whole portal in terms of small widgets that connect to different systems and serve content to the page.The benefit of such a platform is that the complexity of the entire portal is dramatically reduced because it’s just a generic widget platform.

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