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Artificial Intelligence is the study of how to build computer systems that exhibit intelligence in some manner. Artificial Intelligence (or simply AI) has resulted in many breakthroughs in computer science – many core research topics in computer science today have developed out of AI research; for example, neural networks, evolutionary computing, machine learning, natural language processing, object oriented programming, to name a few. In many cases, the primary focus for these research topics is no longer the development of AI, they have become a discipline in themselves, and in some cases, are no longer thought of as being related to AI any more. AI itself continues to move on in the search for further insights that will lead to the crucial breakthroughs that are still needed. Perhaps the reader might be the one to provide one or more of the crucial breakthroughs in the future. One of the most exciting aspects of AI is that there are still many ideas to be invented, many avenues still to be explored.

AI is an exciting and dynamic area of research. It is fast changing, with research over the years developing and continuing to develop many brilliant and interesting ideas. However, we have yet to achieve the ultimate goal of Artificial Intelligence. Many people dispute whether we will ever achieve it for reasons listed below. Therefore, anyone studying or researching AI should keep an open mind about the appropriateness of the ideas put forward. They should always question how well the ideas work by asking whether there are better ideas or better approaches.

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