Art director Interview Questions & Answers

Art director Interview Questions

Are you a creative person, and have an eye to give a visual picture to any concept, then you can build a career in Art Direction. Wisdomjobs will give you a complete career profile of an Art Director ranging from the job description to his salary expected, to the growth expected in this field. This will help you to compare the various job opportunities and decide which is the best for you. As an Art Director, you will have to supervise the complete visual appearance of a project which can be related to advertisement, film, video or publishing among others. Wisdomjobs also gives you information of the training centres which will give you specialized training to become a professional in your job. Further we also give you a few Art Director job interview questions and answers that will help you to prepare for the job process easily.

Art Director Interview Questions And Answers

Art director Interview Questions
    1. Question 1. Explain The Term Noise?

      Answer :

      Noise is a graphic image where there are extra pixels in the image degrading the quality of the image.

    2. Question 2. Tell Me As An Art Director, What Do You Believe Is Your Best Asset?

      Answer :

      The ability to help designers create well marketed and designed material.

    3. Question 3. Explain Me The Three Best Projects From Your Portfolio?

      Answer :

      The candidate needs to explain the entire design process, the decisions, ideation, context, why's, do's and dont's, through describing the production and execution of a specific project.

      To make the designer's decisions to discover details of projects and the reasoning behind these decisions.

    4. Question 4. Do You Know The Role Of A Copywriter?

      Answer :

      Copywriter is a commercial author who writes copy for brochures, annual reports, adverts or other marketing materials. Copywriter either work as a freelancer or work inside the larger advertising agencies.

    5. Question 5. Tell Me How Would You Describe Your Design Research?

      Answer :

      When discussing design research, it is necessary to cover all the angles with which the candidate is familiar, and explain the reasoning why s/he decided to use a particular technique, tool, or way of thinking to achieve a result.

      Nevertheless, if a designer received the data via the client, copywriter, strategist, or UX designer, it will be necessary to conduct further research that will confirm the designer's statements, possibly upgrading the outcome.

    6. Question 6. Do You Know What Is Drop Shadow?

      Answer :

      Drop shadow is the shading effect used to give the appearance of graphics or raised type on the designed page.

    7. Question 7. Explain Me A Time When You Went Above And Beyond The Requirements For A Project?

      Answer :

      To help my junior reach a deadline that they couldn't have done alone as they were on a long sick leave, my team and I gathered together and worked till the next morning to get everything finished.

    8. Question 8. Explain Me What Is The Meaning Of Color And Color Theory In Visual Design?

      Answer :

      • Color plays a major part in the consideration of visual communication.
      • Big brands tell their stories through color. They connect with their consumers and the public with consistent use of color, color palettes and color systems. Color is a powerful tool that enables distinction and differentiation between brands. A brand that changes color with a new identity sometimes has dangerous results.

    9. Question 9. Explain The Skills Required For An Art Director To Work In An Ad Agency?

      Answer :

      • Strong foundation in design
      • Readiness to work long hours
      • Knowledge with Photoshop, illustrator, indesign, flash, QuarkXpress, PowerPoint and other programs
      • PHP, HTML, and other web experience are often required
      • Enable to manage a project from concept through production in multiple media

    10. Question 10. Tell Me What Are The Main Things That The Art Director For An Ad Look For?

      Answer :

      Composition: does it cover all aspects of the ad including images

      Typography: does the letter or font used are align and readable to the target audience

      Color: does the color used in the ad campaign, suits the color scheme of the brand.

    11. Question 11. Explain Me What Was Your Greatest Accomplishment As An Art Director?

      Answer :

      My greatest accomplishment was being able to work well with my team. This does not necessarily mean that we have the same ideals, but we all are compatible with each other and are open-minded and respect each others artistic styles.

    12. Question 12. Tell Me What All Things Does Movie Art Director Has To Consider In Its Budget?

      Answer :

      Things that movie art director has to consider in his budget includes

      • Income for the performer
      • Travel and meals
      • Automobile and vehicle expenses ( includes vehicle used during the action sequence)
      • Equipment's
      • Other additional expenses ( Video, CD's, stage makeup and wardrobe)

    13. Question 13. Tell Me What All Things Does The Art Director Do?

      Answer :

      To represent a concept visually

      • Look for the photographs, art or other design elements to use
      • Analyze the overall look or style of the publication, television, theatre, advertising campaign, etc.
      • Supervise design staff
      • Review and approve designs, photography, graphics, artwork developed by staff members
      • Present designs to clients for approval
      • Presenting detailed budgets and timelines
      • Organizing activities

    14. Question 14. Tell Me How To Become An Art Director In Film?

      Answer :

      To become an art director in film

      • Learn classes in interior design, architectural design and computer aided drafting
      • Work as a volunteer in a local theatre or on student's film
      • Work as a junior or assistant director with an experienced art director
      • Keep yourself updated with new technologies and software like CAD.

    15. Question 15. Explain Me What Are The Problems An Art Director Might Face?

      Answer :

      An art director might face problems in executing its work

      Communication gap: Communication gap between the different teams or department may be a major concern, synchronizing their work in a single piece becomes a headache

      Mental block: When you don't liberate your ideas and imagination beyond certain area, it get stuck to a specific subject and stops you to see other options

      Too many assumption: When you have too many options to execute a particular task it might confuse you and direct you to the wrong decision

    16. Question 16. Tell Me What Is Your Design Approach?

      Answer :

      • The design process is essential to how design candidates develop and create their work. Insight and the way they work can distinguish their quality. As the design process becomes more thorough, the results become more elaborate and detailed.
      • Also, the design process is often limited by budget and time, and a useful insight would be how s/he and the design teams that s/he has worked with in the past handled various situations and briefs.

    17. Question 17. Explain What Is The Difference Between An Art Director And Creative Director?

      Answer :

      Creative Director: It designs and built the strategies to meet the business objective directed by the client. It establishes the overall creative direction and reports to a senior manager

      Art Director: The look and feel of the entire production are in the hand of Art director. It advances art direction based on creative strategy given by the creative director and develops design and style for the ads.

    18. Question 18. Tell Us As An Art Director How You Will Find The Right Agency?

      Answer :

      • Don't follow the agency just because they have bigger names, try to look whether that agency has the work you are interested in
      • Research on the working style of the agency, whether it is biased towards specific media usage
      • Look whether agency allows you to implement your idea freely
      • Check whether their billing process is transparent.

    19. Question 19. Tell Us What Should An Art Director Must Do To Make His Content More Appealing?

      Answer :

      • Make your words pops
      • Interpret the text for a visual culture
      • Convey the message more with a picture and less with words
      • Find editors, contributors, other brand and look into their work.

    20. Question 20. Please Explain The Term Duotone?

      Answer :

      Duotone is an effect used to give a black & white photographic image that has been given a color tint by duplication of the image onto a second color channel. In Photoshop, there is a command Duotone that changes a grayscale image into a two color Duotone, three color Duotone or four color quad-tone.

    21. Question 21. Explain Me The Most Creative Work Related Project You Completed?

      Answer :

      My team and I not only got to design the background and props for a new film, but we were also able to contribute to the film's storyboard.

    22. Question 22. Tell Me What Software Do You Use, And When?

      Answer :

      • Standard skills are a must, from Adobe to Sketch, but look for the extra during an interview.
      • Processing, illustration, animation, video, art skills, and the like, that bring extra potential to specific clients and projects.

    23. Question 23. Tell Me What Constitutes Good Design?

      Answer :

      • We all know that good design conveys information and communicates ideas.
      • This may come as a general question, but you can explain it to us, and show us your knowledge, and describe good design by telling us about projects, products, visual identities, campaigns, services, apps that inspired you or influenced you in any way.
      • Dieter Rams and his straightforward list of 10 principles in design, laid down key points, clearly stating what makes a good design. This information is a timeless source of inspiration and a great starting point to discuss projects that include these principles; it's even better if a designer questions them.

    24. Question 24. Explain What Makes A Great App In Terms Of Visual Design?

      Answer :

      • A great app requires a unique visual design, a fast and understandable user experience and interaction.
      • Clear display of information and hierarchy are fundamental in how the user understands the intended visual communication of the app. Memorable visual identity and association of colour are just a few elements that make a great app.
      • Show us some great apps and explain what makes them good. Likewise, explain how some popular apps could be improved upon.

    25. Question 25. What Is Art Director?

      Answer :

      The look and feel of the entire production are in the hand of Art director. It advances art direction based on creative strategy given by the creative director and develops design and style for the ads.

    26. Question 26. What Is Creative Director?

      Answer :

      It designs and built the strategies to meet the business objective directed by the client. It establishes the overall creative direction and reports to a senior manager.

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