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How to start Apache Solr?

After installing Solr, the bin folder is browsed in Solr home directory and start Solr using the following command.

By this command, Solr starts in the background, listening on port 8983 by displaying the following message.

Starting Solr in foreground

If Solr is started using the start command, then Solr will start in the background. Instead, start Solr in the foreground using the –f option.

Starting Solr on another port

Using –p option of the start command, Solr can be started in another port, as shown in the following code block.

How to stop Apache Solr?

The Solr is stopped using the stop command.

This command stops Solr, displaying a message as shown below.

How to restart Apache Solr?

The restart command of Solr stops Solr for 5 seconds and starts it again. Solr can be restarted using the following command −

This command restarts Solr, displaying the following message −

What is Solr ─ help Command?

The help command of Solr is used to check the usage of the Solr prompt and its options.

What is Solr ─ status Command?

This status command of Solr is used to search and find out the running Solr instances on the computer. It provide the information about a Solr instance such as its version, memory usage, etc.

The status of a Solr instance can be checked, using the status command as follows −

On executing, the above command displays the status of Solr as follows −

What is Solr Admin?

After starting Apache Solr, the homepage of the Solr web interface can be visited by using the following URL.

The interface of Solr Admin appears as follows −

Interface Admin

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