Flavors of Java PPT API - Apache POI PPT

What are the features of Java PPT API?

This chapter will give detailed description on some of the flavors of Java PowerPoint API and its features. Many vendors are available who provide Java PPT related APIs and we have covered few of them in this chapter.

Aspose Slides for Java

Aspose slides for Java is a purely licensed Java PPT API which is developed and distributed by the vendor Aspose. Latest version of this API is 8.1.2 which was released in July 2014. It is a rich and heavy API (combination of plain Java classes and AWT classes) used for designing the PPT component which can read, write, and manage slides.

Below are the basic uses of this API:

  • Build dynamic presentations
  • Render and print high-fidelity presentations
  • Generate, edit, convert, and print presentations

Apache POI

Apache POI is a 100% open source library offered by Apache Software Foundation. Many of the small and medium level application developers depend greatly on Apache POI (HSLF + XSLF) as it supports all the basic features of PPT libraries. However, rendering and text extraction are the main features of Apache POI. Architecture of Apache POI for PPT is shown below.


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