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What is Apache Pig HoursBetween()?

This function accepts two date-time objects and calculates the number of hours between the two given date-time objects.


Here is the syntax of the HoursBetween() function.


Assume that there is a file named doj_dob.txt in the HDFS directory /pig_data/. This file contains the date-of-birth and date-of-joining details of a particular person, id, dateof-birth, and date-of-joining.
And, we have loaded this file into Pig with a relation named doj_dob_data as shown below.
Let us now calculate the number of hours between date-of-birth and date-of-joining of the employees using the HoursBetween() function as shown below.
The above statement stores the result in the relation named hoursbetween_data. Verify the contents of the relation using the Dump operator as shown below.

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