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What are Apache Kafka Tools?

The Apache Kafka tools arethe packages under “org.apache.kafka.tools.*. The Apache tools are categorized into System tools and replication tools.

What are Apache Kafka System Tools?

Using the run class script, the system tools can be run in the command line. The syntax for the system tools is:

Some of the system tools are −

  • Kafka Migration Tool − This tool is used to migrate a broker from one version to another.
  • Mirror Maker − This tool is used to provide mirroring of one Kafka cluster to another.
  • Consumer Offset Checker − This tool displays Consumer Group, Topic, Partitions, Off-set, logSize, Owner for the specified set of Topics and Consumer Group.

What are Apache KafkaReplicationTools?

Kafka replication is a high level design tool. For stronger durability and higher availability, the replication tool is added. Some of the replication tools are:

  • Create Topic Tool – By this tool, a topic is created with default number of partitions, and for replica assignment, Kafka’s default scheme is used.
  • List Topic Tool – The information for a given list of topics is listed by this tool. ZooKeeper is queried by the tool if no topics are provided in the command line, in order to obtain all the topics and list out the information for them. The tool displays some of the fields like topic name, partition, leader, replicas, isr.
  • Add Partition Tool – The topic to be created and the number of partitions is to be specified. Later when the volume of the topic increases, more partitions may be needed for the topic. The Add Partition Tool facilitates in adding more partitions for a specific topic and for added partitions enables to allow manual replica assignments.

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