Apache Drill Interview Questions & Answers

Apache Drill Interview Questions

Are you a software engineer with commendable knowledge in Data ware house? Are you willing to explore career in SQL and database then logon to www.wisdomjobs.com. Apache Drill is an open source software frame work that supports data intensive distributed applications for interactive analysis of large scale datasets. Drill is the open source version of Google ‘s Dremel system which is available as an infrastructure service called Google Big Query. It supports a variety of NoSQL databases and filesystems, including HBase, MongoDB, MapR-DB, HDFS, MopEDS, AmazonS3, Google cloud storage, Swift,NAS and local files. A single query can join data from multiple datastores. For example you can join a user profile collection I. MongoDB with a directory of event logs in Hadoop. So track down your career as Drill Site Leader, Machine Operator, Apache Drill Engineer, Hadoop Developer, Hadoop Administrator and rock your future by looking into apache drill job interview questions and answers.

Apache Drill Interview Questions And Answers

Apache Drill Interview Questions

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