The Aggression Cycle - Anger Management

Explain Aggression Cycle and its causes?

Any stage of anger expulsion comes out in the form of three stages that occur steadily and rapidly i.e escalation, post expression, and expression.

aggression phase

Here we will discuss these stages along with the actions associated with them.
  • Escalation – these are the warning signals that tend to give our body and mind that you are angry which is brewing up inside. These cues might be physical (heavy breathing), behavioral (teeth-clenching), emotional (guilt), or cognitive (images of hatred).
  • Expression − If the above phase was neglected, then this stage occurs which was recognized by violent behaviour of anger in the form of verbal or physical aggression.
  • Post-expression − It is the stage where realization happens in a person due to the consequences that occurred in the form of verbal or physical aggression that was brewing inside you. This could result in inner feelings of guilt, shame, and regret to more outward implications such as arrest, and retribution from others.

Every individual has his own personal intensity, time, and duration of anger in the Aggression Cycle. For example, one person might get angry in just a few minutes and get calm in seconds. Another individual anger may rise slowly over a long duration before entering into the Expression Stage.


The main objective of Anger Management is to prevent people from being reached out at the Expression Stage. There are certain techniques and practices where the anger could be identified and controlled before it reaches the Escalation Stage.

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