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Explain the tips to improve communication skills to diffuse anger?

Angry is a normal sense of emotion that tends to provoke from time to time. But, if you can’t control then you may act without thinking and may even hurts people out of rage. This can be ignored by using effective communication skills which reduces misconceptions and makes you assertive rather than aggressive.

Tips to Improve Communication Skills

Here are a few tips given below which improves your communication skills.
  • Listening to Others – A good listener tend to have good self-esteem. They develop positive relationship with people. So, listen to other people words rather than speaking first.
  • Not Jumping to Conclusions – do not jump into conclusions without giving a chance to other people. Avoid mind-reading. Give a chance to the other person so that he/ she can view their point clearly and comprehensively.
  • Not Fighting Back Immediately – do not be outraged immediately after the incident. Be calm and find out the other person’s real feelings and reasons behind his words what he has said.
  • Expressing Your Real Feelings − You need to find out the reasons of what drives your anger. The reason behind the anger might be fear, shame, guilt, or frustration.
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Long-term Beliefs

Sometimes people express low self esteem and come into conclusion about themselves that they arrive at on their own or have been drilled into them, as they are not very smart or they are dull at studies. This shows they are perpetuated with negative thoughts.

You need to make yourself think positively that everyone has gone through unhappy times in their past. It’s best to let go of any negative self-critical analysis.

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