Testing Mobile Applications Android

Testers face many challenges, including device fragmentation (many devices, each with different features—some call this “compatibility”), defining device states (what is a clean state?), and handling real-world events (device calls, loss of coverage). Gathering the devices needed for testing can be costly and difficult.

The good news for mobile QA teams is that the Android SDK includes a number of useful tools for testing applications both on the emulator and the device. There are many opportunities for leveraging white box testing.

You must modify defect tracking systems to handle testing across device configurations and carriers. For thorough testing, QA team members generally cannot be given the device and told to “try to break it.”There are many shades of gray for testers, between black box and white box testing. Testers should know their way around the Android emulator and the other utilities provided with the Android SDK.

Mobile quality assurance involves a lot of edge case testing and, again, a preproduction model of a device might not be exactly the same as what eventually ships to consumers.

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