Managing Your Application’s Identity Android

Your application’s Android manifest file defines the application properties. The package name must be defined within the Android manifest file within the <manifest> tag using the package attribute:

Versioning Your Application

Versioning your application appropriately is vital to maintaining your application in the field. Intelligent versioning can help reduce confusion and make product support and upgrades simpler. There are two different version attributes defined within the <manifest> tag: the version name and the version code.

The version name (android:versionName) is a user-friendly, developer-defined version attribute. This information is displayed to users when they manage applications on their devices and when they download the application from marketplaces. Developers use this version information to keep track of their application versions in the field.We discuss appropriate application versioning for mobile applications in detail in Chapter “The Mobile Software Development Process.”

The Android operating system uses the version code (android:versionCode) that is a numeric attribute to manage application upgrades.We talk more about publishing and upgrade support in Chapter “Selling Your Android Application.”

Setting the Application Name and Icon

Overall application settings are configured with the <application> tag of the Android manifest file. Here you set information such as the application icon (android:icon) and friendly name (android:label).These settings are attributes of the <application> tag.

For example, here we set the application icon to a drawable resource provided with the application package and the application label to a string resource:

You can also set optional application settings as attributes in the <application> tag, such as the application description (android:description) and the setting to enable the application for debugging on the device (android:debuggable="true").

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