Doing More with Location-Based Services - Android

You have been introduced to a number of different location tools provided on Android; however, you should be aware of several more.

The LocationManager supports Proximity Alerts, which are alerts that trigger a Pending Intent when the handset comes within some distance of a location. This can be useful for warning the user of an upcoming turn in directions, for scavenger hunts, or help in geocaching.

You saw how to do ItemizedOverlays. In general, you can assign your own Overlays to draw custom objects and Views on the given Canvas. This is useful for drawing pop-up information for locations, putting logos over the map that don’t move with the map, or putting hints for scavenger hunts over the map. This functionality is similar to displaying photos at a given location, which are often provided on Google Maps at famous locations.

The GpsStatus, GpsStatus.Listener, and GpsSatellite classes provide more detailed information about the GPS satellites used by the GPS engine. The GpsStatus and its Listener subclass monitors the GPS engine and gets a list of the satellites used. The GpsSatellite class represents the current state of an individual satellite used by the GPS engine with state information such as satellite elevation and whether the particular satellite was used in the most recent GPS fix.

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