Cleaning Up OpenGL ES Android

It is necessary for your application to clean up OpenGL when your application is done using it. This happens when the application is quitting or the Activity has changed in some way. The recommended process for gracefully shutting down OpenGL is to reset the surface and context, destroy the surface and context you configured, and then terminate the EGL instance. You can do this with the following code:

private void cleanupGL() {
mEGL.eglMakeCurrent(mGLDisplay, EGL10.EGL_NO_SURFACE,
mEGL.eglDestroySurface(mGLDisplay, mGLSurface);
mEGL.eglDestroyContext(mGLDisplay, mGLContext);

First, eglMakeCurrent() removes the surface and context that were used. Next, egl Destroy Surface() and eglDestroyContext() release any resources held by OpenGL for the surface and the context. Finally, OpenGL is terminated through a call to eglTerminate(). If OpenGL runs in a separate thread, the thread can now be terminated as well.

It is up to the application to clean up OpenGL properly. There are no helper methods available for managing all of it automatically within the Android lifecycle as there are with Cursor objects and the like.

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