Anaplan Interview Questions & Answers

Anaplan Interview Questions

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Anaplan Interview Questions And Answers

Anaplan Interview Questions
    1. Question 1. What Is Anaplan?

      Answer :

      Anaplan is a cloud-based planning and performance management platform with documented use cases in finance, sales, supply chain, marketing, IT and HR.

    2. Question 2. What Are The Features Of Anaplan?

      Answer :

      Anaplan Platform features:

      CLOUD-BASED: Anaplan was built from day one as a cloud platform—combining cutting-edge security, in-memory data management, and massive scalability.

      REAL-TIME, SCALABLE MODELING AND CALCULATION ENGINE:Real Time Modeling – By tracking dependencies at the level of the line item, our Hyperblock™ technology enables updates or changes to models of any size, from one to one trillion cells, in real time.

      IN-MEMORY PROCESSING: Anaplan in-memory engine enables detailed planning models that utilizes all your data down to the transactional level (Product SKU, Stores, Employees, etc.) for better business decisions.

      APP HUB: To get you started quickly, a growing collection of apps for common use cases are available in the Anaplan App Hub. Use them as is, modify them to suit your special needs, or start from scratch and create your own.

      DATA INTEGRATION: Anaplan offers an API, import/export capabilities, and pre-built connectors for common platforms like Anaplan HyperConnect, Informatica, Dell Boomi, Mulesoft, and SnapLogic.

      MULTI-DIMENSIONAL PLANNING: Build models to any level of granularity with any number of dimensions—layer in time (daily/weekly/monthly), hierarchies, relationships, and more.

      VERSATILITY: Versatility is the ability to model a vast array of processes within your business. The 150+ apps in our App Hub can be applied to vastly different sets of processes, including sales performance optimization, financial budgeting and forecasting, and call center operations. All created by users with clicks, not code.

    3. Question 3. What Are The Modeling Features Of Anaplan?

      Answer :

      Modeling features of Anaplan:

      MASTER REPOSITORY OF BUSINESS RULES (LIVING BLUEPRINT): Using our Living Blueprint technology, all your complex business rules (in natural syntax) are stored and managed in one easy-to-understand worksheet.

      MODEL VERSIONS: Anaplan enables users to create new model versions on-the-fly. Quickly replicate models, load with data, and easily track actuals in the same model as plans.

      BREAKBACK: With breakback, users can set a target for a formula, and the variables that make up that formula are changed according to the rules specified.

      DYNAMIC SCENARIO BUILDING: Anaplan delivers strategic advantage with fast, easy creation of dynamic scenarios with time, version, and list dimensions.

    4. Question 4. How Anaplan Handles User Access Control?

      Answer :

      Anaplan enables flexible role-based security levels for user types. Audit trail, model restore, and selective user access make it possible for analysts to safely and simultaneously collaborate on common models.

    5. Question 5. What Is Collaborative Workflow In Anaplan?

      Answer :

      Monitor status and approvals with a collaborative workflow that streamlines top-down target allocation and consolidation of roll-ups from the field. A robust audit trail ensures that changes are easy to track.

    6. Question 6. Explain History And Revision Control In Anaplan?

      Answer :

      Anaplan robust audit trail ensures that changes are easy to track and revert. See a history of users and changes and roll back to earlier versions.

    7. Question 7. What Is Central Data Repository In Anaplan?

      Answer :

      Anaplan delivers a central repository to reconcile various sources of data for clean, reliable hierarchy. Additionally, master data (products, employees, cost centers, etc.) is accessible to analysts around the enterprise.

    8. Question 8. What Is Data Synchronicity In Anaplan?

      Answer :

      Anaplan dynamically synchronizes data across connected plans—automatically aggregating and identifying discrepancies for real-time consistency.

    9. Question 9. Explain Intuitive Modeling Interface In Anaplan?

      Answer :

      Business users can use familiar business syntax, drag-and-drop hierarchies, and built-in logic for time, versions, and scenarios. With Anaplan, there are no technical barriers between you and business insights. No reliance on IT for business rules adjustments, model creation, or changes. No more scripting or broken cell references.

    10. Question 10. Is Anaplan Accessible From Mobile?

      Answer :

      Yes, Anaplan is accessible from any mobile device via a browser so you never have to be disconnected from your data.

    11. Question 11. What Is The Use Of Dashboards And Reports In Anaplan?

      Answer :

      Anaplan has a variety of publishing features, including dashboards, charts, PDF generation, and a tightly integrated Excel® plug-in. Share insights with the field, enable management to do their own scenario analysis, and create stunning executive packs.

    12. Question 12. Explain Availability And Reliability In Anaplan?

      Answer :

      Anaplan invested heavily to provide the highest levels of availability, reliability, and security. Redundant data centers and rigorous processes for back-up, failover, and disaster recovery comply with or exceed all major industry standards. Anaplan delivers constant uptime so that your business-critical data and plans are safe and accessible at all times.

    13. Question 13. Explain Application Security In Anaplan?

      Answer :

      In addition to secure data centers, Anaplan provides complete application-layer security, including data encryption on-the-wire, secure authentication protocols, and robust access control and authorization for managing user rights. We also use leading security firms to conduct regular penetration testing.

    14. Question 14. What Are The Modules Supported By Anaplan?

      Answer :

      Anaplan supports following modules:

      1. Finance
      2. Sales
      3. Supply chain
      4. Workforce
      5. Marketing
      6. IT

    15. Question 15. What Are The Features Available In Finance Module In Anaplan?

      Answer :

      By connecting financial and operational planning, you can drive valuable business performance more effectively. With Anaplan cloud-based platform, corporate objectives align with operating plans that can be adjusted in response to market events—empowering finance to help the business make better decisions by anticipating the future.

      1. Strategic Planning: Optimizing business models, product lines, and operational capabilities with ease and confidence.
      2. Budgeting and forecastinG: Increase speed and agility by automating the manual process and adopting best practices.
      3. Operational planning:Take cross-functional decisions to unprecedented levels of operational planning in one platform.
      4. Financial consolidation and corporate reporting: Experience a faster, more efficient period-end close and report with confidence—without compromising compliance.

    16. Question 16. What Are The Features Available In Sales Module In Anaplan?

      Answer :

      With Anaplan Sales module, deliver on-time sales plans while increasing compensation, quota, and forecast accuracy.

      1. Sales Capacity
      2. Account Segmentation and Scoring
      3. Territory Planning
      4. Quota Planning
      5. Deal Desk
      6. Sales Forecasting
      7. Incentive Compensation

    17. Question 17. What Are The Features Available In Anaplan For Supply Chain?

      Answer :

      Anaplan enables users to connect global supply chain network for maximum visibility, efficiency, and collaboration.

      • Product portfolio management
      • Demand planning
      • Supply planning
      • Sales and operations planning
      • Strategic policy management

    18. Question 18. What Are The Features Available In Anaplan For Workforce?

      Answer :

      Align people plans to operational goals to support business results with the help of Anaplan for workforce.

      1. Workforce
      2. Headcount and Cost Planning
      3. Workforce Capacity Planning
      4. Succession Planning
      5. Compensation and Equity Planning
      6. Workforce Optimization, including Call Center
      7. Onboarding Planning

    19. Question 19. What Are The Features Available In Anaplan For Marketing?

      Answer :

      ANAPLAN FOR Marketing helps in increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your marketing plan, performance, and spend.

      1. Account Segmentation and Scoring
      2. Marketing Resource Management
      3. Marketing Performance Management
      4. Trade Promotion Planning
      5. Market Share and Growth Forecasting

    20. Question 20. What Are The Features Available In Anaplan For It?

      Answer :

      ANAPLAN FOR IT drive agile IT planning and project execution across your business.

      1. Agile Implementation
      2. ABC Shared Services Allocations
      3. Agile Planning
      4. Project Plan Capacity Analysis
      5. Business Case Management
      6. Project Planning
      7. IT Financial Management and Cost Transparency
      8. Business Management Scorecard
      9. Facilities Management

    21. Question 21. Do You Know Any Anaplan Customers?

      Answer :

      Yes I know, many major companies using Anaplan, few of them are:

      • VMWare
      • Tableau
      • Intel
      • HP
      • BOX
      • Motorola
      • Tata Steel

    22. Question 22. What Are Anaplan Apps?

      Answer :

      Anaplan is the only technology in the world that enables business users to easily build sophisticated planning apps with zero coding.

      Anaplan enables users to turn the complexity of business operations into powerful, easy-to-use applications for forecasting, planning, modeling, and performance management.

    23. Question 23. What Is Anaplan App Hub?

      Answer :

      The Anaplan App Hub enables customers and partners to build, share, and deploy cutting-edge apps. The Anaplan community brings together experts from a wide range of business domains, industries, and organizations. You can quickly discover the applications you need, deploy them in one click, and customize them to solve your company’s complex challenges. You can also easily build your own applications on the platform and share them with others.

    24. Question 24. What Are The Advantages Of Anaplan?

      Answer :

      The flexibility and scalability of the Anaplan platform means it can serve as a basis for financial, commercial as well as operational planning models. Furthermore, these models can easily be linked and work in seamless integration with one another.

      Models can either be built from scratch, or extended and customized based on pre-delivered models – with models existing for topics such as

      1. Traditional P&L,
      2. Balance Sheet & Cash Flow planning,
      3. Financial Consolidation,
      4. Premium Modeling and Claims Analysis for insurance,
      5. Sales Forecasting, Territory Planning,
      6. Quota Management,
      7. Pricing & Commission Calculation and many others.

    25. Question 25. What Are Your Key Responsibilities In Your Current Job As An Anaplan Consultant?

      Answer :

      It depends on the job roles and differs company to company, but generally, Anaplan consultants involved in identifying business requirements, requirements management, functional design, prototyping, process design (including scenario design, flow mapping), testing, training, defining support procedures and supporting implementations.

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