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What is Amazon Marketplace Account Setting?

In this section, we will talk over the two dissimilar types of Account Settings on Amazon Marketplace.

Individual Account

An separate Account is the least essentiality to sell products on Amazon. There is a referral fee attached, and in some cases, there is a variable closing fee. There are FBA charges if you are using the service and the shipping costs if you are shipping the product yourself.


Professional / Merchant Account

To set up an expert record, you have to go to Offer on Amazon page and tap the Offer as Expert catch. From there on, take after the means given beneath −

  • In the event that you are outside the US, check the universal dealer joins for vital guidelines and notice.
  • Next, enter the lawful name of your business and tap the checkbox.
  • Read the assention and tap the Proceed with catch.
  • After this, you will be made a request to enter a show name, the name of your business inside the Amazon framework, the posting name for your item, your address and contact subtle elements, and your charge card data. Snap Spare and Keep on moving ahead.
  • Complete the Amazon verification by entering the PIN number texted to you or listed in call to you by Amazon.


Update Your Tax Status

You will also need to update your tax status to Amazon.

  • To begin with, click the Launch Interview Wizard button on the Tax Identity page.
  • You will be asked whether you stay in the US or overseas, the structure of your company, the sole proprietor, your tax ID number, tax address, etc.
  • Follow the Wizard attentively and once you are done, exit the Wizard.
  • You will be directed to the previous page, click on ‘Complete Registration’ to finish off.


Provide Your Bank Account Information

You may likewise need to give your Financial balance Data. This is for utilizing the record to get your income exchanged to you by Amazon. Additionally, on the off chance that you need endorsement for offering into any of the limited classes, tap the Assistance and scan for Classification Endorsement or tap the Classification Connection.


Next, you need to provide Seller Information, as depicted in the following screenshot.


After providing Seller Information, verify your identity, as shown in the following screenshot.


Once you have verified your identity, set up your account, as shown in the following screenshot.


Now, the final icing on the cake! Add the products you want to sell and list their prices.

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