Introducing PHP - AJAX

Like JavaScript, PHP is composed of commands that can be embedded within the HTML code of your pages. PHP however is a server-side programming language that is, it works hand-in-hand with your web server to process the source code of a page before that page is sent to the browser.

Why Do I Need To Know This?
As you are already aware, Ajax applications make calls to the web server and subsequently use the returned information within the page currently being viewed. You need a way to run programs on the server to process the Ajax request and return the required data.
Ajax can work with various server-side technologies including PHP, ASP, Java, and others.This book uses PHP, arguably the most popular and easy to use of the available server-side languages.

This lesson provides an introduction to PHP for those who have never encountered it and a refresher of the basics for any who have.

What Is (and Isn’t) Covered in This Topic
As with every lesson in this part of the book, it is neither feasible nor appropriate to give an exhaustive course on every aspect of the subject. This topic covers the basics of PHP programming with some practical examples, concentrating mainly on those aspects of PHP most relevant to our explorations of Ajax.

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