Introducing AHAH - AJAX

It is possible to build complete and useful applications without any XML at all. In fact, the term AHAH (Asynchronous HTML and HTTP) has been coined for just such applications.

Why Use AHAH Instead of Ajax?
There is no doubt that XML is an important technology with diverse and powerful capabilities. For complex Ajax applications with sophisticated data structures it may well be the best—or perhaps the only—option. However, using XML can sometimes complicate the design of an application, including:

  • Work involved in the design of custom schemas for XML data.
  • Cross-browser compatibility issues when using JavaScript’s DOM methods.
  • Performance may suffer from having to carry out process or intensive XML parsing.

Using AHAH can help you avoid these headaches, while offering a few more advantages too:

  • Easy reworking of some preexisting web pages.
  • HTML can be easier to fault-find than XML.
  • Use of CSS to style the returned information, rather than having to use XSLT

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