DNS-The Domain Name Service - AJAX

Every computer connected to the Internet has a unique numerical address (called an IP address) assigned to it. However, when you want to view a particular website in your browser, you don’t generally want to type in a series of numbers—you want to use the domain name of the site in question. After all, it’s much easier to remember www.somedomain.com than something like

When you request a web page by its domain name, your Internet service provider submits that domain name to a DNS server, which tries to look up the database entry associated with the name and obtain the corresponding IP address. If it’s successful, you are connected to the site; otherwise, you receive an error.

The many DNS servers around the Internet are connected together into a network that constantly updates itself as changes are made. When DNS information for a website changes, the revised address information is propagated throughout the DNS servers of the entire Internet, typically within about 24 hours.

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