Ajax Tutorial

What is Ajax?

AJAX is a web development tool developed to create interactive web applications. It will be an added advantage if you are familiar with JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and XML.


The target group of this tutorial will be web developers to develop interactive webpages and enhance the speed and usability with AJAX.


To learn this tutorial one must be familiar with HTML and JavaScript.

Anatomy Of A Website Working Of The World Wide Web What Is A Web Page? Web Servers What Is Server-side Programming Web Browsers Client-side Programming Dns-the Domain Name Service Ajax Technologies Ajax Browser Support Ajax Operation Ajax Xmlhttprequest Ajax Request Ajax Server Response Ajax Database Operations What Is The Ajax Security Ajax Issues Writing Web Pages In Html Introducing Html Elements Of An Html Page A More Advanced Html Page Some Useful Html Tags Cascading Style Sheets In Two Minutes Sending Requests Using Http Introducing Http The Http Request And Response Html Forms Client-side Coding Using Javascript About Javascript In At The Deep End Manipulating Data In Javascript Server-side Programming In Php Introducing Php Embedding Php In Html Pages Variables In Php Controlling Program Flow A Brief Introduction To Xml Introducing Xml Xmlbasics Javascript And Xml The Document Object Model(dom) Anatomy Of An Ajax Application The Need For Ajax Introducing Ajax The Constituent Parts Of Ajax How The Components Of Ajax Application Work Together The Xmlhttprequest Object More About Javascript Objects Introducing Xmlhttp Request Creating The Xmlhttp Request Object Talking With The Server Sending The Server Request Monitoring Server Status The Callback Function Using The Returned Data The Responsetext And Responsexml Properties Another Useful Javascript Dom Property Parsing Responsexml Providing User Feedback Our First Ajax Application Constructing The Ajax Application The Html Document Adding Javascript Putting It All Togethar Returning Data As Text Getting More From The Responsetext Property Ahah-asynchronous Html And Http Introducing Ahah Creating A Small Library For Ahah Using Myahahlib.js Returning Data As Xml Adding The X To Ajax The Responsexml Property Project-an Rss Headline Reader Web Services And The Rest Protocal Introduction To Webservices Rest-representational State Transfer Using Rest In Practice Rest And Ajax Web Services Using Saop Introducing Saop (simple Object Access Protocal) The Saop Protocol Using Ajax And Saop Reviewing Saop And Rest A Javascript Library For Ajax An Ajax Library Reviewing Myahahlib.js Implementing Our Library Using The Library Extending The Library Ajax Gotchas Common Ajax Errors The Back Button Bookmarking And Links Telling The User Something Is Happening Making Ajax Degrade Elegantly Dealing With Search Engine Spiders Pointing Out Active Page Elements Dont Use Ajax Where Its Inappropriate Ajax Security Test Code Across Multiple Platforms Ajax Wont Cure A Bad Design Some Programming Gotchas The Prototype.js Toolkit Introducing Prototype.js Wrapping Xmlhttprequest-the Ajax Object Example Project-stockprice Reader Using Rico Introducing Rico Ricos Other Interface Tools Using Xoad 193 Introducing Xoad Xoad Html Advanced Programming With Xoad Ajax Interview Questions Ajax Practice Tests