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Where is Agra Fort location?

Agra Fort was a destroyed fortification called Badalgarh which was redesigned by Akbar. Before him, Lodis additionally constructed numerous mosques and royal residences inside the stronghold. The post covers a zone of 380,000 sq. ft. what's more, is based on the banks of waterway Yamuna.

History of Agra

Agra is a standout amongst the most prominent urban communities in India and also abroad as it comprises of numerous delightful landmarks like Taj Mahal, Agra Fort, Akbar's tomb, Chini ka Rauza and numerous others. Individuals from different places in India and abroad come to visit the city.

Agra under Rajputs

Agra is an extremely old city. It is depicted in the epic of Mahabharata in which its name was Agrevana. History additionally says that the city was established by Raja Badal Singh who was a Rajput lord. He was the person who constructed Badalgarh fortification which was redesigned by Akbar. In the eleventh century, Mahmud of Ghazni assaulted Agra. Around then Jayapala was the lord of Agra.

Agra under Lodis

Sikandar Lodi made Agra his capital in 1506 and after him his child Ibrahim Lodi ruled the city. Ibrahim Lodi was crushed by Babur in 1526 and Agra came under the control of Mughals.

Agra under Mughals

Babur involved the position of authority of Delhi and Agra. He lived in the royal residence of Ibrahim Lodi that was worked in the post. He manufactured a baoli for putting away water. Humayun was coronated as a lord here however in 1540, he was crushed by Sher Shah Suri. Mughals again caught the post in 1555 yet Hemu, the central pastor of Adil Shah again won it back. In the wake of vanquishing Hemu, Akbar moved his cash-flow to Agra. After this, Akbar, Jahangir, Shah Jahan, and Aurangzeb ruled from here. In spite of the fact that Jahangir used to live in Delhi and Kashmir yet he went to Agra and lived in Agra Fort. After Aurangzeb, Mughal line declined. Amid the season of Mughals, the city was named Akbarabad.

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Agra under Suris

The Suris ruled Agra from 1540 to 1555. In 1540, Sher Shah Suri vanquished Humayun, the Mughal Emperor. Sher Shah Suri constructed his tomb at Sasaram in Bihar. The tomb was worked in the vicinity of 1540 and 1545. Sher Shah Suri passed on in 1545 and his child Adil Shah turned into the ruler. He was vanquished by Humayun in 1555 however Hemu again caught the stronghold in 1556. Akbar crushed Hemu and recovered the fortress.

Agra under Marathas

Marathas caught the stronghold in the eighteenth century and named the city Agra. In 1761, they were vanquished by Ahmad Shah Abdali yet Mahadji Shinde again caught Agra in 1785. In 1803, the Marathas were crushed by the British.

Agra under British

In the wake of overcoming the Marathas, Agra went under the control of British. In 1835, British made Agra their capital. Amid the rebellion of 1857, the British told that the revolt has achieved Agra which was the reason of moving some of their troops to Delhi. Agra stayed under the British till Independence.

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