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We decided that there were two aspects to the successful delivery of the system:

  1. We needed to assemble the core of a great team that had the experience and talent to work using the new agile techniques. This core of five people needed to transfer knowledge to new team members as they moved in and out of the project.
  2. We needed a lightweight and practical process to help us deliver on time,to budget,and to acceptable quality.

Rather than try to adopt a whole new process we decided to adopt a smaller number of agile practices taken from the Essential Unified Process[34].The concepts within this process are delivered using cards–this means that minimal information is referenced when it is needed.The practices used were Iterative Essentials and Use Case Essentials.

The beauty of the Essential Unified Process is that it adopts a practice-based approach,where the practices underlying the process are defined separately in a way that allows you to select just the ones that will benefit your project.In this case we didn’t have to adopt the other practices from the process(such as the component based development or architecture practices)to be able to benefit from the use of use cases and iterations.

the deliverables the project needed.The diagram on each was ticked to show the level of detail required for that deliverable.

The practice approach provides a very agile way of using small parts of the process to add value where and when needed. Lightweight is the key adjective for this, and we took advantage of this to introduce the changes quickly and effectively.

We also followed the advice provided by the iterative practice for improving communications and introduced daily Scrums.The improved communication allowed us to minimize the amount of documentation we produced(although the minimum on this project actually turned out to be quite a lot!).Combining smart communication with fit-for-purpose levels of documentation turned out to be very important in supporting the testing effort needed to ensure high-quality and reliable delivery.Communication through simply talking has proven invaluable in ensuring that all stakeholders are headed in the same direction.

Due to the need for high quality,we placed the testing at the heart of the process.Our process encouraged the involvement of the test resources throughout the project in

Test case
Test results

as many activities as possible (and in many more activities within this project than any other I have previously worked on). For example, the testers were involved in working with the customers alongside the analysts, producing the test cases at the same time as the use cases (an integral part of the use case essentials practice). This test-driven approach provided us with significant improvements in productivity and accuracy compared with traditional methods, and the software continues to be developed using this technique. Similarly, we ensure that the requirements, both functional and nonfunctional, have a test built alongside them during their development. We have found that spending time on establishing traceability between the requirements, tests, and components provides the minimal level of documentation that is needed and adds value. This was especially true when the personnel changes within the team were so regular, new staff could understand the system by means of the documentation provided and quickly become productive with relatively little negative impact on the project. The idea of having good people plus good process within the team was also extended to the customer; we took the approach that the customer representative was an essential part of the team and mandated that customer representatives be involved in the software development from day one. We followed the assumption that “the customer will only know what they want when they see it,” and through having them on hand at all times we could make sure that we were building and testing the right thing. The agile principle of promoting good and regular communication works very well with the customer and cuts down the amount of time spent on clarifying or confirming issues.

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