Waterfall To Evolutionary Development And Test Introduction Agile Testing

My name is Tom Gilb and I am an independent testing consultant and author ofCompetitive Engineering: A Handbook for Systems &Software Engineering Management using Planguage(2005),Principles of Software Engineering Management(1988), and Software Inspection(1993).My book Software Metrics(1976) coinedthe term and was used as the basis for the Software Engineering Institute CapabilityMaturity Model Level Four(SEI CMM Level 4). My most recent interests aredevelopment of true software engineering and systems engineering methods.

In 1997 Kai Gilb and I published a book entitled Evo: The Evolutionary Project Management and Product Development Handbook, describing an agile softwaredevelopment and testing project management method. Evo is an iterativemethod in which a series of small delivery steps are taken until the project goals arereached and the software delivered.Key differences between Evo and other projectmanagement methods include an emphasis on achieving the requirements over slavishly following formal processes, and the focus on ensuring that testing starts early inthe process, is conducted in each of the steps,and continues throughout the project.This case study will focus on the adoption and use of the Evo method in the developmentof the Confirmit √ product from Oslo-based company Confirmit. AS, which is where co-author Trond Johansen works as the head of project management.Specifically, this case study focuses on the role and use of Evo in reducing the integration effort and timescales for developments and enhancements made to the Confirmit√product, as compared with the previously used waterfall-based development process.

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