Update Their Existing Bespoke Order Management System Agile Testing

This case study describes a project that was undertaken for a major U.K. retail chain to update their existing bespoke order management system.

The system was originally designed to operate on a version of IBM’s Websphere application server platform that had over time been superseded. The customer had also purchased a commercial off-the-shelf(COTS) application to replace and enhance an important part of the existing bespoke system.

The objectives of the project were twofold:

  1. to migrate the existing system to operate on the latest version of the IBM platform, and
  2. to integrate the existing system with the COTS application.

Although all previous testing of the existing system had been manual,we decided that test automation should play a significant role in regression testing. The key factors in making this decision were:

  • the large size of the project,
  • the high number of changes being made,and
  • the large number of parties involved.

After carefully considering the project requirements and resources, the following types of testing were decided upon:

  • automated unit testing,
  • automated integration testing,
  • automated performance testing,and
  • manual(UI-based)system testing.

This case study is concerned primarily with the development of automated functional tests at the unit and integration levels.

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