The Roll out And Adoption Of My Agile Process Introduction Agile Testing

Having selected and documented your agile best practices, even the best agile development and testing process is nothing without the acceptance and consistent use by a community of testers within an organization. Technical issues aside, the introduction and adoption of your agile testing process is likely to be the most difficult step in delivering effective and efficient agile testing within your organization.

In some organizations, the roll-out and adoption of agile best practices may not be an issue. For example, if you work in an enlightened company that is already familiar with the benefits agile can provide, it is likely that agile practices are already in the process of being used. Similarly, if your company already has a pressing need to adopt an agile means of working–perhaps to satisfy the terms and conditions of another organization that has asked them to bid for some development work, and who are looking for responses from companies that will employ agile practices–you may not need to evangelize about agile.

If none of the aforementioned applies to your organization, the following sections describe a tried and tested strategy for the introduction, adoption, and ongoing use of your agile process. This chapter also addresses the issues associated with the subsequent maintenance and update of your testing process. The strategy is structured under the following phases with their associated tasks:

  • Pre-agile Process Roll-out Phase:
    • Establish the need for agile process.
    • Establish the likely return on investment of the proposed agile test process.
    • Gain management commitment and approval.
    • Gain agreement to run an agile proof of concept(POC)/pilot project.
  • Agile Process Roll-out Phase:
    • Baseline current development and testing practices.
    • Resource the POC/pilot project(staff, equipment, software, rooms, etc.).
    • Provide training, mentoring, and process guidance
    • Execute agile POC/pilot project.
    • Review results of POC/pilot project.
  • Post-Agile Roll-out Phases:
    • Report on success of POC/pilot project.
    • Monitor and improve agile test process.
    • Advertise results.
    • Continue to evangelize.

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