The Power Of Continuous Integration Builds And Agile Development Introduction Agile Testing

My name is James Wilson and I am the CEO of Trinem,based in Edinburgh,United Kingdom. I cofounded Trinem with Philip Gibbs in 2001 after working for a number of years as an IT consultant,primarily delivering software configuration management(SCM) services and solutions. Since 2001, Trinem has implemented SCM projects that have inherited various forms of technologies, methods and scale.

Trinem has implemented processes, and had their technology implemented, for a wide spectrum of organizations, including NASA (United States), Bank of New York(United Kingdom), HBOS(United Kingdom), Belastingdienst(Holland), Syscom(Taiwan), SDC(Denmark), and GE (United Kingdom and Holland).

This case study illustrates the challenges,approaches, and benefits that I have encountered while developing agile application development processes.This case study will also explore some of the key technologies that were used, both commercial and open source, to augment the implementations delivered by Trinem and myself.

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