The Emperors New Test Plan Introduction Agile Testing

My name is Steve K. Allott and I am a chartered information technology professional(CITP), who has worked in the IT industry for over twenty-five years, after graduating with a computer science degree.My background includes software development and project management at telecommunications and financial organizations, and since 1995 I have specialized in software testing and quality assurance, founding my own company, ElectroMind, in 2002, which is currently focused on providing test process improvement “health checks” for companies in the financial, telecommunications, retail services and e-commerce sectors.

I also serve as the program secretary for the British Computer Society Specialist Group in Software Testing(BCS SIGiST) and am the Executive Director for IT Integrity International, a not-for-profit organization involved in researching areas such as IT security, workforce education and IT governance.

Illustrated with real examples from my consulting and training experiences over the last few years,this case study contains my perceptions on the Next Great Thing–agile testing.

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